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The Publishing Thrill

How is it that in the middle of such a busy time, finding a moment to sit back and enjoy the excitement has become a priority? It should be note by all self-publishers to take a moment during the manic dash around blogs, tweets, postings, editing, cover design and blurb writing to just stop. Grab a coffee or something stronger and take a look around you at how much you are doing in such little time. See yourself in action and garner that belief. Do it now, please. You are too good to miss. See yourself at your best.


Cresendo! launching in mid October with a kickstarter coming this weekend! Work hard my fellow authors!


G R Jordan author, poet, and top Dad apparently!

2 thoughts on “The Publishing Thrill

  1. I know nothing about your book, but the cover alone is incredibly intriguing! Always nice to see indie authors go the extra mile to have a really professional looking cover! Too many times I see the Romance Novel-style covers on self-pub fantasy books and cringe a little bit. I’m looking forward to your Kickstarter campaign!

    1. Thanks Nic, that is so encouraging! I did my homework but Jake my artist is a real find I believe.

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