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7 of the Best Weird Book Titles

This past week I was looking at weird book titles and here are seven of the best I found. At times they are just strange and you question what they are about, or if there was a misprint. Others you just sit down and wonder how life got so strange.


Can you imagine getting the okay to take on the top position (earthly) of the Roman Catholic church and what do you get handed to you. This handy guide from Piers Marchant. Maybe he has experience, or just thought it would be a helpful asset. I’m unsure just how many copies you would need in the print run though.


I keep this one on the shelf in case the need arises. I imagine it would be a terrifically morbid Christmas gift.


A definite niche market and the mind boggles at the moves you have to perform with this kind of combination. I guess it’s good for the mind, body, soul and sex life.


One of those necessary documents for the armed feline in today’s society. I hope you too have taken your pet through those unlikely but traumatic events that can happen in life. Remember gun safety is important whether you have fur or skin.


Cook books are often maligned but one cannot escape the benefits of this form of cuisine. I’m not entirely sold on the research behind this but as a summer BBQ alternative then maybe it has a following.


Preplanning is always an important side of life but I haven’t quite gotten to this stage. While many of us may be in debate about whether there is or isn’t something beyond, this book explains how to have a good time when you’re there. How do they know?


No humourous comment, no swipe at anything just a plain, WHAT? Did someone actually think this was something that needed looked into? We need to be green, let’s look at the Nazis. Just beggars belief.

There you go, some weird, some strange and some that, well, just no! Hopefully my titles are better, check them out at

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