The printing Frenzy

Well it’s all go, and not least with the printers. With my Kickstarter funded and complete, I have been putting into action the plans for acquiring the rewards for my backers. T-shirts, bookmarks, prints and of course the all-important books themselves. And I have now reached a stage where just about everything is being printed. […]

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Crescendo update

Well everyone after the excitement of making my Kickstarter it has been back to work. Currently the ebooks are being prepared, as are the PDFs for the distributor. Making the book in all formats has been quite hard work but I can’t wait to see them all. Bookmarks are being designed but something has arrived. […]

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Climb With the peak in sight, my mind starts to drift Back to memories of dreams and hopes that I sniffed. When knowledge was small, ignorance abounded Before all my efforts became firmly grounded, In the workings and ways, tasks and plans Learning to keep plates spinning through hands. Until now at last, with the […]

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