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Helping Hands

One of the best things in life is when you get an unexpected boost with something you are trying to achieve. And when it comes from an unknown source who simply liked what you were doing, it’s quite uplifting.

I was fortunate enough this week to have that feeling when an Australian named Michael decided that he would show my Kickstarter, a new choose-your-own-adventure style book, on his game book website. Now I didn’t know Michael from Adam but, as he said himself, he set his website up to help others who had a love for game books as he does, and to promote their efforts across the globe.

Sometimes we get focused on what we are doing and all goals and efforts are directed along the lines of ourselves. My wife says that one of the best ways to get along in business is to help others and that climbing together makes things much easier. In the world of books, I tell fellow authors that we are not in competition but rather there are just so many readers to satisfy, the demand for food never slackens.

So this week I am determined to be on the lookout for those I can help and give a boost to. It would be a joy to think someone got the feeling I had this week, due to efforts of my own. And I need to remember that when the dark thoughts cloud my view, the efforts become too much and I feel like just chucking it all in, there are people out there, like Michael, ready to help and keen to encourage. Thank God for them!

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