WYON Links

Hi and welcome to the Write Your Own Novel links page. As I repeatedly said in the group, I get no renumeration form these sites and they are here for you to investigate and make a decision if they are useful to you or not. Disclaimer over, here’s your list.

  • Beta Readers
  • Editors
    • https://reedsy.com Site to find curated editors and their backgrounds. A safe way to look for editors if you cannot find any from author recommendations
    • https://kindlepreneur.com/book-editors/ Helpful post on finding an editor
    • https://www.thecreativepenn.com/editors/ Joanna Penn’s website giving some good places to find an author. She’s a notable self-published author and I’ve found her to be very switched on
  • Publishing
    • Traditional
      • Writers and Artists yearbook Industry publication and can be very useful. Buy an old copy if you can get one as it’s not cheap but doesn’t change too much from year to year
      • Writing Launch I’m not saying do their course because I haven’t but sign up to their mailing list as they send out a lot of information on publishers looking for material, most of whom don’t require an agent. The newsletter is free but obviously, they will also try and sell their course
    • Self-publishing
      • Mark Dawson’s system and a good one. There are courses but before all that you can get lots of good free info at the PODCAST, BLOG, and SPOTLIGHT on authors
      • Derek Murphy CreativeIndie – quirky but with lots of helpful advice. He’s also on Youtube.
      • Joanna Penn – The CreativePenn – useful advice on podcasts, blogs and books from someone who is doing it for real
      • Reedsy – these guys do free email courses and there’s one on self-publishing These are good first starts and easy to digest

Okay that’s a starter for ten. If you need any help it’s gary@grjordan.com. There’s no correct answer only those that work and those that don’t and it’s not the same answer for different people. Remember you can spend a fortune before you even do anything and sometimes it’s really not necessary so if in doubt ask an author (even me!) and be frugal. And if anyone asks you to pay them money to publish your book RUN, RUN, RUN and don’t look back! Noone credible does that.

Best of luck guys and keep in touch. Write consistently and you’ll be surprised what you can do!