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Island Adventures

Growing up in Northern Ireland and now living in Scotland you can’t help but be fascinated by the celtic myths and legends passed down through the generations. The Island Adventures series draws on celtic myths and legends. Stories of my childhood and my observations of island life and human nature combine to create fictional yet plausible stories of every day people in extraordinary situations.

Surface Tensions

There’s something in the water and Donald’s got to look after it. On a quiet Scottish Island, local man Donald must navigate the dangerous social waters as mermaids are spotted. Unable to reject his inherent decency, Donald helps a stricken mermaid and engages the assistance of Irish incomer Kiera. When a fisherman is killed, they flee the growing rage as the locality rips itself apart in the name of revenge. With the local presbytery demanding a response, glamour models challenging the reserved image of the island and a rejected child hunting these new mammals, can Donald and Kiera keep a human fish under wraps and out of sight? Or will they succumb to the sharp end of a harpoon? Keep a good watch ‘cos something’s stirring the water.

Coming soon in Island Adventures…

The Singaporian Bin Inspector

What happens when a long departed son returns to his roots but now with the task of cleaning up the island’s refuse services. An unknown force throws a spanner in the works whilst two women compete for his affections all leading to an uproar on the local stage.

This title is currently in writing.

Future Titles

I always have ideas bubbling away for the next story but if there is anything you think would make a good subject for the Island Adventures series then please let me know by leaving a comment below.

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